Air Trampolines

The safest gaming feature on the market

Air Trampolines

Trampolines have their place in schools and kindergartens, in hotels and restaurants, as well as in camps, on playgrounds and sports fields. Air trampoline is an element that can be placed literally anywhere, where people can spend their free time. Very common installation site today are family house gardens.
Air trampolines represent fun that is healthy and beneficial for the body, and can be enjoyed by everyone.
Jumping on air trampolines brings joy and excitement to children, teens and adults of all ages. Air trampolines are now a very attractive feature and, thanks to their shape and design, they are also rightly referred to as one of the safest playing elements on the market.
Statistics say that every third child of school age lacks physical activity. That is the main reason for raising number of children that are overweight. But how get children to move?
That is the main reason for raising number of children that are overweight. But how get children to move?
A game involving apparent weightlessness can be a motivation for healthy physical activity. Everyone is attracted to keep trying for a short break away from gravity. In this funny state of „weightlessness” every cell in your body is all the time forced to alternate between tension and relaxation due to the increased take-off force, and this state is very beneficial for the body.
By jumping on a trampoline, you exercise the whole body comprehensively, with a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation. Jumping improves the motor development, and helps maintaining a stable weight.

Benefits of air trampoline

  • Due to the shape, there is no risk of fall from a height, or jumping off the trampoline area.

  • One of the safest gaming elements on the market.

  • Air trampoline is maintenance-free and does not require any special care.

  • Its surface is completely resistant to damage.
  • If wet, it shall only get dry by sunlight.

  • Temperature boundaries range between +70 °C and -30 °C.

  • Above-standard value, compared to conventional trampolines.

  • Air trampoline is resistant to floo.
  • Long-term lease of air trampolines

    Do you have an interesting space that you would like to enrich with an air trampoline, but you do not want or you can not invest in the purchase at the moment?
    Maybe we can find a solution also for your areal or resort. Become our partners and join our franchising program. If you are interested in this idea, please contact our sales department.


    Air trampolines are certified by TÜV Czech Rep. and meet all safety requirements according to ČSN EN 1176 a ČSN EN 14960.

    Conditions of installation and safety

    Installation is done in one day. First, a trench is excavated around the edge of the trampoline. Trampoline is then placed into the trench and the excavation with the trampoline installed is backfilled. Once installed, the trampoline is functional immediately.
    Attention - the trampoline is fitted into natural terrain and the shape of it copies the shape of the trench edge. The straightness of the edge thus depends on the terrain and soil composition!
    The site of installation must therefore flat.
    The maximum slope of the terrain is 5%, otherwise it must be levelled. Free space around the trampoline is 1,8 meters in compliance with ČSN EN 14960:2009.
    Of that, the impact surface is formed with a 1.2-meter turf, according to ČSN EN 1177 (recommended is washed pebble gravel, pebbles of 2-8 mm fraction. grass, etc.).
    The surface must be free of any sharp stones and things that could damage the tarpaulin of the trampoline. At the trampoline installation site, no utilities may be present. When operated, trampoline is inflated with air through an efficient and quiet fan with an output of 370 W, supplied from a 230 V (10 A) single-phase supply grid.
    In standard version, the trampoline is fitted with a conventional socket plug. Each trampoline must be connected through an RCD and a separate circuit breaker. Custom electric connection to the fan is supplied by customer.