Skákejte CZ

About us

Our company Skakejte CZ was founded in 2012 as a business of the Belohradsky’s family, who were already in the beginning of the century among the pioneers of business of manufacturing, sales and operation of children‘s elements and playgrounds, entertainment parks in nature and other activities related to entertainment and services for children and parents across the Czech Republic.

We are the largest producer of original air trampolines in the Czech Republic and the leading producer in Europe. Over the years of our presence in the market, we have completed over 300 executions domestically and abroad.

We offer a wide range of products and equipment focused on jumping, as well as services in the area of design and implementation of children‘s playgrounds. We represent major international companies in this field and so contribute to the expansion of the range of hundreds of tools and aids in the Czech and Slovak markets.

We are the founding members of the Association of Producers of Playgrounds and Sports Grounds in the Czech Republic, which guarantees the quality of product, work and safety of individual play elements.

Lukáš Bělohradský

Company Owner